Signal converters

Equipment series:

Siemens: SIRIUS 3RS70

Signal converters perform the coupling function for analog signals on both the input side and the output side. They are indispensable when processing analog values with electronic controls. Under harsh industrial conditions in particular, it is often necessary to transmit analog signals over long distances. All terminals of the 3RS70 signal converters are safe up to a voltage of 30 V DC and protected against reverse polarity. Short-circuit protection is an important function for the outputs above all.

Каталог 3RS70

Endress+Hauser: Liquiline, Liquisys, iTEMP

We offer digital multiparameter converters made by Endress + Hauser to control the processes in all areas. You can increase the number of modules according to your needs at any time. The 4-channel controller provides time and cost savings through efficient system integration, ease of management and a reduction in the number of spare parts.

Pepperl+Fuchs: K-System, SC Series

Pepperl + Fuchs signal converters receive signals from various equipment, e.g. thermocouples and thermoresistance, and convert them into any of the standard equipment signals (1 ... 5 V, 4 ... 20 mA, etc.). Signal converters also provide accurate transmission of these signals, isolation and elimination of parasitic ground loops.

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