Equipment series:

Siemens: SB2, SB3

Safety barriers SB2 and SB3 limit electrical energy between non-intrinsically safe and intrinsically safe circuits. SB2 or SB3 can be installed in the enclosure DCA1191 with protection class IP56. These barriers are approved for use in explosion-prone areas.

Каталог SB2, SB3

Endress+Hauser: FXA, RMA, RN221, Commubox, ECOgraph, Memograph

Endress + Hauser barriers provide power to the converter (in an explosion-prone area if necessary) with the subsequent transmission of a galvanically isolated signal. The optional HART monitoring tool allows to monitor the status of the inverter. In the event of an error, the relay transmits an alarm; this allows to localize even short-term errors quickly and effectively.

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