Modular equipment

Equipment series:

Siemens: 5SL4, 5SL6, 5SV3, 5SV4, 5SU1, 5TL1

Modular circuit breakers (series 5SL4, 5SL6, 5SV3, 5SV4, 5SU1 and 5TL1) protect electrical circuits from overloads and short circuits. Having the characteristics of releases of maximum currents A, B, C and D, they are widely used in various industries, residential and public buildings. Special design of connecting terminals in Siemens MCBs ensures high protection against contact.

Каталог MCB

Schneider electric: Acti9

Acti 9 — the new standard in the field of low-voltage systems of finite distribution. This equipment focuses on cutting-edge innovations based on Schneider Electric's over 40 years of experience. Acti 9 devices are suitable for all applications, especially in contaminated environments and networks, while ensuring absolute safety and increased continuity of operation for currents from 0.5 A to 100A

ABB: S200, S800

S200 and S800 — powerful modular circuit-breakers for industrial applications. They have high breaking capacity, and at the same time compact dimensions.

General Electric: ElfaPlus, RedLine

ElfaPlus series represents the result of GE's innovative developments in the field of modular equipment. These MCBs have increased impact resistance and vibration resistance (are connected with ring lugs), operate in a wide temperature range (-40/+ 70 ° C), operate on alternating and direct current and have a low degree of smoke emission.

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