Manual motor starters

Equipment series:

Siemens: Sirius 3RV

Sirius 3RV carries out overload protection and short-circuit protection of motors and transformers. This series is unified and coordinated with each unit and contactors. The power range of the protected motor is 0,04 - 45kW at 400V. It is possible to install the contactor on the circuit breaker using connecting modules without wires - it saves space and time and improves visibility of the control cabinet.

Каталог SIRIUS 3RV


MS and MO series have electromagnetic and adjustable thermal release, which allows to have short-circuit protection, overload protection, and indirect protection of the motor from phase failure. The breaking capacity at short circuit is up to 50 kA

Schneider electric: TeSys, GV

TeSys GV3 — Circuit-breakers with magnetic and combined release up to 30kW. Compact and easy-to-use, automatic switches of electric motors are classified according to the breaking capacity and the type of control. The control and protection of electric motors are carried out in accordance with the standards of IEC 947-2 and IEC 947-4-1

General Electric: Surion, SFK

Surion series has a class 10 motor protection type. They have two versions in size: for rated currents from 1 to 32 A and for rated currents from 10 to 63 A, as well as two versions in functionality: with thermal and magnetic protection and only with magnetic protection.

Allen Bradley: 140M, 140MG

Allen Bradley motor protection circuit breakers provide both short circuit and overload protection for individual motor loads and are available for a wide range of motor sizes and installation types. They can be combined with NEMA and IEC contactors or solid-state motor controllers.

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