Equipment series:

Siemens: SIRIUS 3RT, 3TF6

SIRIUS 3RT has 7 sizes of contactors for switching motors. Power range is up to 250 kW. Activation of AC and DC motors. Power switches and overload relays enable quick and easy installation of starting combinations.

Каталог SIRIUS 3RT

Schneider electric: TeSys

TeSys — reversing or non-reversing contactors up to 450kW. They are one of the most striking achievements of Schneider Electric in recent years. A distinctive feature is the presence of control coils with a wide voltage range of the control circuit.


AF contactors set a new industry standard. Electronically controlled coils offer numerous advantages over traditional solutions. Reduction of power consumption of coil by 80% allows to save much electricity. It functions normally at power surges due to the use of AF technology.

General Electric: CL, CK

The magnetic contactors CL are designed for rated currents from 9 to 105 A. The control coils are for voltage from 24 to 380 V AC.

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