Commutators (screw terminals, connectors etc.)

Equipment series:

Siemens: 8WA1, 8WA2

Siemens terminal blocks are symmetrical and always place into the correct position. They are closed on both sides, so there is no need for end caps. Marking labels in the form of cards are easily inserted into both types of terminals — screw terminals (8WA1) and spring terminals (8WA2).

Каталог 8WA1, 8WA2

Phoenix Contact: RT, UT, QTC и т.д.

We offer a wide range of Phoenix Contact switching equipment. For example, the Phoenix Contact feedthrough terminals feature two terminal clamps and compact design. A large range of cross-sections, shunt flexibility and optimal labeling capabilities make it possible for the connecting terminals to be universal among connection technologies.

Eaton: Terminals, covers, switching equipment

Eaton terminal blocks are designed to connect copper strips, buses, and other copper conductors. Conductors are easily and quickly installed without bending. The terminals are available in the form of a 1-pole, 3-pole, 4-pole or 5-pole terminal combination. Accessories, such as a transparent plastic cover, an additional terminal or conversion kits, allow the user to create their own terminal options.

HENSEL: Junction boxes

Fire-proof junction cable boxes are part of the cable-line that provides power supply for the building's life support systems in case of fire – fire extinguishing and smoke removal systems, lifts, alarms, emergency lighting for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. These engineering systems must remain operational in the conditions of a fire for the time necessary to completely evacuate people to a safe area.

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