Drive choke (filter, reactor)

Drive choke (filter, reactor) is a device for filtering high-frequency (harmonic) current components. It is widely used for frequency control of electric motors. It finds wide application in various industries.

Our drive chokes are manufactured on the most modern equipmentin accordance with all modern requirements. The components are shipped directly from the factory and the final assembly is madein Russia, after that the chokes go through a full cycle of inspections for compliance with quality standards.

Our representatives control all stages of production, delivery and assembly of chokes; thus, we ensure the maximum reliability of the supplied equipment.

Main technical features:

  • Manufacturing technology - VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation of windings);
  • Working voltage - up to 1000V;
  • Rated operating current - up to 2000A;
  • Frequency - 50/60 Hz, it is possible to manufacture taking into account the presence of high-frequency components (up to 2 kHz);
  • Variability of the number of poles - from 1 to 3;
  • Core manufacturing technology - armored and armored sheet;
  • Winding material - aluminum / copper;
  • Coil manufacturing technology - tape (foil film) multi-layer winding;
  • Insulation class - F;
  • Insulation class according to voltage - H;
  • Degree of protection - IP00, higher on request;
  • Cooling type - airborne natural (AN)


  • Effective supply chain management and direct collaboration with manufacturers allow us to form prices significantly lower than those of competitors. At the same time, the quality and reliability of the equipment remain at the highest level;
  • It is possible to refine the mass-dimensional characteristics of the chokes to the requirements of our customers, thereby allowing the equipment to be adjusted to the requirements of the system, and not vice versa;
  • We can produce chokes for frequency converters of any power up to 1000V; at the same time, the manufacturer of the inverter does not matter since the chokes fit with all types;
  • In addition to the standard general-purpose chokes, we also manufacture chokes for marine applications, which can be confirmed by appropriate certification (RMRS certificate - upon request);
  • Materials used in manufacturing of the equipment (steel, winding and insulation parts) have all passed quality tests and have characteristics equal to or higher than those claimed and required by regulatory documentation.

Types of chokes:

Chokes for air conditioning

  • High efficiency and low noise levels;
  • Complies with RoHS requirements;
  • Choke design can be adapted to customer’s needs (winding material, housing, etc.);
  • Class of insulation by voltage - H

Chokesfor harmonic suppression

  • Low noise levels;
  • Low power losses;
  • Long service life;
  • Easy to install;
  • Highly compatible with other equipment;

Input and output chokes

  • Low level of internal losses;
  • Low noise level;
  • Reduced eddy current losses;
  • Reduced high order harmonics caused by leakage current;
  • Protection of the switching element of power supply of the inverter;
  • Insulation class - above F

DC reactors

  • Adjustablewaveform of the input current;
  • Control of overvoltage caused by the rectifier bridge and excessive damage;
  • Improved power factor;
  • Restriction of the transient change in electrical network;
  • Insulation class - above F

Chokes for reactive power compensation equipment

Used in reactive power compensation equipmentin capacitor bank connection circuit.

  • Reduce the influence of starting current and the frequency of the starting current of the capacitor banks;
  • Reduce the harmonic voltage values in the conductor and increase the quality of electricity;
  • Limit harmonic current pulses to capacitor banks, prevent occurrence and influence of high harmonics;
  • Reduce discharge leakage currents of defective capacitor banks;
  • Reduce time of impact on the capacitor banks of the starting currents with repeated extinguishing of the arc by an introductory protective device (automatic switch)

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