Air circuit breakers

Equipment series:

Siemens: SENTRON 3WL, 3WT

SENTRON 3WL — these devices can be used both as circuit breakers as well as load disconnectors. Rated currents from 630 A to 6300 A. 3WL are the most compact among similar devices in their class. Sentron 3WL (size 1, up to 1600 A) can be placed in a cell with a width of 400 mm. The 3WT air-insulated circuit breaker is designed for rated currents from 400A to 4000A. Has 2 standard sizes and a wide choice of accessories.

Каталог 3WL, Каталог 3WT

Schneider electric: Masterpact

Masterpact is a world-famous air circuit breaker for currents from 630 A to 6300 A. The main characteristics of these power devices are the possibility of rolling in and out, classical principles of selectivity of protection and ease of maintenance. In addition, new functions of data measurement and data transmission have been added. At the same time, the dimensions of the circuit breakers have decreased to the optimal ones.

ABB: Emax

Emax — a series of circuit breakers with a body of sheet steel, which are extremely compact. Thanks to the double insulation of conductive parts and complete separation between phases, increased safety is achieved. The depth of the withdrawable circuit breaker allows it to be installed in switchboards with a depth of 500 mm

General Electric: EntelliGuard, M-Pact

EntelliGuard power circuit breakers have a breaking capacity of up to 150 kA and are designed for rated currents from 400 to 6400A. EntelliGuard circuit breakers are easy to install, compact in size and interchangeable with previous series. The EntelliGuard line includes 3-pole and 4-pole devices in three basic sizes. They are supplied in fixed and withdrawable versions.


Susol Air Circuit Breakers for current up to 6300 A, are available in three frame sizes. Susol ACBs differ in width, but the height and depth of the enclosures are the same, which allows efficient use of cabinet space.

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