Manual relays

Equipment series:

Siemens: LZX, LZS

LZX and LZS are series of intermediate relays, a logical elements of the control circuit. There is a galvanic and safe isolation between the control unit and peripheral devices. It allows to increase the output signal of the control unit (e.g. to control more powerful contactors). There is a protection of the installation against electromagnetic interference.

Каталог LZS, LZX


CR — simple, affordable and convenient intermediate relays that are suitable for all tasks. They consist of separate interchangeable parts: the relay itself, the pads and the retainer; can be easily installed on a DIN rail.

Schneider electric: Zelio Relay

Zelio Reley is a series of compact devices designed to duplicate and expand functions in electrical installations. When used in standard systems, there is no need to adjust the device settings. The device allows easy integration into existing systems.

Phoenix Contact: REL

REL — a series of plug-in miniature relays with power contact. There is a built-in LED indicator as well as an option of manual control. Switching current - up to 16A.

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