HMI operator interface panels

Equipment series:


SIMATIC HMI is a human-machine interface device by Siemens. These are sensory or sensor-mechanical operator panels. Having a freely configurable environment, you can adjust the device data as you wish for any technological process.


ABB: Smart Touch

Up to 480 ABB i-bus KNX control functions can be displayed on the ABB Smart Touch panel. There is a built-in thermostat, there are logical and time functions. The panel is not supplied with 220V voltage, power is supplied via the KNX bus and via the ABB Welcome or Busch Welcome intercom system. If the intercom system is not provided for in the project, the panel is connected to the KNX bus and to a 24 VDC power supply

MOXA: MD series

This series of panels for marine applications has a display with a high resolution (1280 x 1024) corresponding to ECDIS (projection capacitive touch screen) with increased brightness and with the ability to work in gloves. Protection class — IP22 (on the back side) and IP54 (on the front panel)

AG Neovo: RX

AG Neovo RX-Series displays bring security and surveillance to another level in Full HD resolution widescreen. NeoV Optical Glass panel protection and metal casing for mounting durability make the RX-Series perfect for both control centres or public environments. With Anti-Burn-in technology, and automatic video settings recovery, maintenance is easier and faster.


The controls and displays form an independent unit within CP panel series; the computer is in the control cabinet, but its location is easily accessible. The control panel has a flat shape with a large surface, but with a shallow depth. This concept gives the user greater freedom.

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