Electronic relays

Equipment series:

Siemens: SIRIUS 3RU, 3RT, 3RP, 3RS, 3RN, 3RR2

These electronic contactors by Siemens are used in all processes of switching, control, start-protection and control circuits. Parameterization s carried out via rotary switches and buttons. Mounting width is from 22.5 mm. There are relays for mounting on a DIN rail, for mounting on SIRIUS contactors and for mounting on a mounting plate.

Каталог SIRIUS 3RT, Каталог SIRIUS 3RU


The presented series have wide functionality: compact size and economy (CP), quality and efficiency (CT) and reliability and versatility (CM). The presented relays proved to be the best in operation in various spheres and demonstrated their effectiveness in application even in the most difficult operating conditions.

Schneider electric: Zelio Control, Zelio Time, Zelio Logic

These series of relays can meet any monitoring and process management needs. Their main advantages are the ease of installation and configuration, the speed of response, and the versatility and flexibility of application

Phoenix Contact: ETD, PL, EMD, MACX, GW

These are universal series of electronic relays. For example, the ETD time relay provides the ability to configure in a wide time range - from a few milliseconds to several days. You can easily read all the important information in the built-in state.

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