Communication equipment

Equipment series:


Siemens offers a wide range of communication equipment: RUGGEDCOM, SINAUT and SCALANCE series. RUGGEDCOM products perform at extreme temperatures, zero packet loss at high levels of electromagnetic radiation, and advanced RSTP (eRSTP) for fast network recovery after a break.


Phoenix Contact: QUINT, Axioline, Fieldline, Inline

The communication equipment by Phoenix Contact is distinguished by its particularly robust design and reliable mechanical components. For example, Axioline system has enhanced noise immunity to electromagnetic radiation: XC products with an extended operating temperature range from -40 ° C to +70 ° C and lacquered boards can be used under extreme conditions without any problems.

MOXA: Converters and servers (NPort, IMC, WDM, PTC)

Industrial optical media converters are actively used all over the world for converting Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base TX standards to optical ones, transforming the transmission medium of the RS-232/422/485 serial signal into optical fiber; extending communication lines. Due to its functionality and wide range of products, MOXA converters allow integrating the full range of industrial equipment into fiber-optic networks and building high-performance automated systems on their basis, such as PLC / SCADA (in production), ITS (in transportation), and DCS (in power engineering).

MOXA: Industrial Ethernet Switches (EDS Series)

Industrial switches include more than 500 products: from gigabit industrial switches and rackmount models for operation at 3/2 level, to switches with PoE function and SFP ports. There is also a wide range of industrial Ethernet switches for DIN-rails, (Industrial Ethernet Switches). The equipment is actively used to automate production, in oil and gas industry, in rail and roads, in energy sector, in mining and offshore facilities.

MOXA: Industrial wireless clients (AWK-1137C, AWK-3131A, TAP-213)

Industrial access points Wi-Fi for public, rail and intercity transport are designed to organize a wireless network on board of a vehicle. These clients have vibration-protected connectors M12 as well as EN 50155 certification, ACC, RTG, and Turbo Roaming technologies. Wireless roaming controllers can provide switching time of 50 ms with encryption. Due to this, a stable connection is maintained during the movement of the client between the access points.

MOXA: SFP modules +

МОХА optical SFP-modules allow to transfer data over the distance of 120 km depending on type of an optical fiber and wave length. Support of WDM technology allows data to be transmitted over a single fiber at different wave lengths. MOXA SFP has versions with different transmission speeds, from 100 Megabit to 10 Gigabit modules with different types of fiber and transceiver capacities, which allows to select equipment for specific tasks, including for multi mode cable.


EtherCAT by BECKHOFF is an Ethernet solution for industry automation which is characterized by high performance and ease of use. The highest performance makes the concept of control accessible, which cannot be realized with the help of classical bus systems. With EtherCAT, the performance of communication systems is commensurate with the performance of modern industrial PCs.

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