Global Electro is the official partner of Siemens.

Our company offers a wide range of Siemens products — from contactors (SIRIUS 3RT series) and meters (SITRANS series) to frequency converters (SINAMICS series), air circuit breakers (3WL and 3WT series) and relay protection (SIPROTEC series). We supply both low-voltage equipment and high-voltage equipment, as well as software for various applications.

Delivery of service products and spare parts is also available for our customers. Also, our engineering department together with experts from Siemens is ready to provide support for the replacement of equipment from other brands or phased-out products with the most modern and technological equipment of Siemens.

Contact us and we will advise you!

Equipment series:

Siemens: LOGO! CMR, KNX (CMK), CSM

These series represent a compact, comfortable, economical and versatile solution for creating simple automatic control devices.

Каталог LOGO!

Siemens: Pointek; SITRANS Probe, LVL

Pointek CLS is a capacitive level detector for recording separation layers, bulk solids, liquids, slurries, and adhesives under severe working conditions, with low / high pressure, high temperatures, corrosive and abrasive substances. SITRANS Probe LU is a 2-wire loop powered ultrasonic sensor designed for measuring level, volume and flow of liquids in open channels, storage tanks and simple process vessels.



Siemens offers a wide range of communication equipment: RUGGEDCOM, SINAUT and SCALANCE series. RUGGEDCOM products perform at extreme temperatures, zero packet loss at high levels of electromagnetic radiation, and advanced RSTP (eRSTP) for fast network recovery after a break.


Siemens: SB2, SB3

Safety barriers SB2 and SB3 limit electrical energy between non-intrinsically safe and intrinsically safe circuits. SB2 or SB3 can be installed in the enclosure DCA1191 with protection class IP56. These barriers are approved for use in explosion-prone areas.

Каталог SB2, SB3


SCALANCE W is used to create an industrial wireless LAN. By functionality, SCALANCE W modules are divided into access points and client Ethernet modules. Access points connect to fixed Ethernet networks and support wireless data exchange with mobile stations or stationary objects via IWLAN.


Siemens: SENTRON 5SD7

This MCB series protects low-voltage systems from overvoltage and strong currents that direct or indirect lightning strikes create. Thermal isolating limiter-disconnector provides a high level of protection against overload. All design options are equipped with a remote alarm contact.

Каталог 5SD7


Explosion-proof low-voltage motors SIMOTICS XP with power up to 1000 kW have a high degree of energy efficiency (IE2, IE3). The model range includes the following types of engines: 1MB10 (with aluminum housing), 1MB15 (with cast iron housing, basic version) and 1MB16 (with cast iron housing, improved version).

Каталог Simotics XP

Siemens: SIRIUS 3RM1, 3RA6; SIRIUS 3RW30, 3RW40; SIRIUS 3RW44; 3VS, 3TS, 3US

Siemens soft starters provide gentle mode for connected engines, reducing the starting torque. The power supply is protected from dangerous peaks by reducing the current consumption during startup.


Siemens: SIRIUS 3RS70

Signal converters perform the coupling function for analog signals on both the input side and the output side. They are indispensable when processing analog values with electronic controls. Under harsh industrial conditions in particular, it is often necessary to transmit analog signals over long distances. All terminals of the 3RS70 signal converters are safe up to a voltage of 30 V DC and protected against reverse polarity. Short-circuit protection is an important function for the outputs above all.

Каталог 3RS70

Siemens: SITRANS P, P DS

SITRANS family of transducers is used to measure surplus (relative), absolute and differential pressure, as well as to measure the level by the hydrostatic method. SITRANS P pressure sensors have a standard version (output 4..20 mA or 0 ... 10 V) as well as one using HART protocol or PROFIBUS-PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus interfaces.


Siemens: SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500; LOGO!

SIMATIC is a line of programmable logic controllers (PLC). They are designed for industrial automation of technological processes. These PLCs have their own block programming environment, which is unified with other Siemens devices.



RD200 series is a universal remote indicator for level, flow, pressure, temperature, weight, and other instrumentation gauges. SIRIUS ACT comprises lighting equipment with a degree of protection up to IP69K. Elements of the system are designed specifically for long-term operation under severe operating conditions.


Siemens: 8WA1, 8WA2

Siemens terminal blocks are symmetrical and always place into the correct position. They are closed on both sides, so there is no need for end caps. Marking labels in the form of cards are easily inserted into both types of terminals — screw terminals (8WA1) and spring terminals (8WA2).

Каталог 8WA1, 8WA2

Siemens: SENTRON 3WL, 3WT

SENTRON 3WL — these devices can be used both as circuit breakers as well as load disconnectors. Rated currents from 630 A to 6300 A. 3WL are the most compact among similar devices in their class. Sentron 3WL (size 1, up to 1600 A) can be placed in a cell with a width of 400 mm. The 3WT air-insulated circuit breaker is designed for rated currents from 400A to 4000A. Has 2 standard sizes and a wide choice of accessories.

Каталог 3WL, Каталог 3WT

Siemens: 5SL4, 5SL6, 5SV3, 5SV4, 5SU1, 5TL1

Modular circuit breakers (series 5SL4, 5SL6, 5SV3, 5SV4, 5SU1 and 5TL1) protect electrical circuits from overloads and short circuits. Having the characteristics of releases of maximum currents A, B, C and D, they are widely used in various industries, residential and public buildings. Special design of connecting terminals in Siemens MCBs ensures high protection against contact.

Каталог MCB

Siemens: LZX, LZS

LZX and LZS are series of intermediate relays, a logical elements of the control circuit. There is a galvanic and safe isolation between the control unit and peripheral devices. It allows to increase the output signal of the control unit (e.g. to control more powerful contactors). There is a protection of the installation against electromagnetic interference.

Каталог LZS, LZX

Siemens: SENTRON 3LD, 3KA, 3KE, 3KL, 3KM

Current load breakers up to 1600A are a combination of a load break switch and a disconnector; they meet the requirements of both devices. These devices are used as main switches, emergency switches and industrial switches in various industries and in infrastructure.


Siemens: SENTRON 3VA, 3VL, 3VT

SENTRON 3VL — automatic circuit breakers in a molded case; they meet the highest requirements of modern power distribution units. The 3VL circuit breakers are manufactured with electronic releases for currents from 63 A to 1600 A. Series SENTRON 3VA has compact dimensions, a wide range of versions — 1,2,3,4 pole options, with a class of breaking capacity from 16 to 150 kA. SENTRON 3VT — reliable and affordable compact circuit breakers

Каталог 3VA, 3VL, 3VT


SIMATIC HMI is a human-machine interface device by Siemens. These are sensory or sensor-mechanical operator panels. Having a freely configurable environment, you can adjust the device data as you wish for any technological process.



SIMATIC IPC is an optimized industrial computer. These devices have a compact design and unified dimensions. Versions for 19-inch control cabinets make it possible to integrate industrial automation into a compact server.


Siemens: SIMOTICS S-1FL6, GP, SP

SIMOTICS servo motors are synchronous motors with permanent magnet excitation and natural cooling; the heat dissipates through the drive surface. The overload capacity of the engines is 300%. Motors can be used together with Sinamics drives to create a highly functional single servo system. The Simotics motors feature excellent dynamic characteristics, a wide range of speed settings and high accuracy of the shaft and flange.


Siemens: SINAMICS V20, G120, G120С, V90

SINAMICS frequency converters have a wide range of applications for AC / DC electrical installations. They have a wide range of applications for AC / DC electric machines. Various designs and dimensions allow to choose the most comfortable device for the realization of technological processes. The devices are freely integrated into the systems and with Siemens equipment without additional settings.


Siemens: SIRIUS 3RT, 3TF6

SIRIUS 3RT has 7 sizes of contactors for switching motors. Power range is up to 250 kW. Activation of AC and DC motors. Power switches and overload relays enable quick and easy installation of starting combinations.

Каталог SIRIUS 3RT

Siemens: SIRIUS 3RU, 3RT, 3RP, 3RS, 3RN, 3RR2

These electronic contactors by Siemens are used in all processes of switching, control, start-protection and control circuits. Parameterization s carried out via rotary switches and buttons. Mounting width is from 22.5 mm. There are relays for mounting on a DIN rail, for mounting on SIRIUS contactors and for mounting on a mounting plate.

Каталог SIRIUS 3RT, Каталог SIRIUS 3RU

Siemens: Sirius 3RV

Sirius 3RV carries out overload protection and short-circuit protection of motors and transformers. This series is unified and coordinated with each unit and contactors. The power range of the protected motor is 0,04 - 45kW at 400V. It is possible to install the contactor on the circuit breaker using connecting modules without wires - it saves space and time and improves visibility of the control cabinet.

Каталог SIRIUS 3RV

Siemens: SIRIUS 3UG

Isolation monitoring relay with a wide range of supply voltages to control the insulation resistance in the range of 1...110 kOhm in ungrounded 1- and 3-phase AC networks, as well as DC networks. There is an option for use in medical institutions. The most popular models are 3UG45 and 3UG46.

Каталог SIRIUS 3UG


Electrical starters and control devices: Каталог SIRIUS 3RA, SIRIUS 3RW
Indicators: Каталог SITRANS RD200, SIRIUS ACT
Air circuit breakers: Каталог 3WL, Каталог 3WT
Barriers: Каталог SB2, SB3
Communication equipment: Каталог RUGGEDCOM, SINAUT, SCALANCE
Commutators (screw terminals, connectors etc.): Каталог 8WA1, 8WA2
Contactors: Каталог SIRIUS 3RT
Electronic relays: Каталог SIRIUS 3RT, Каталог SIRIUS 3RU
Explosion-proof equipment: Каталог Simotics XP
Frequency converters: Каталог SINAMICS
HMI operator interface panels: Каталог SIMATIC HMI
Industrial Logic Controllers: Каталог SIMATIC, LOGO!
Industrial PCs: Каталог SIMATIC IPC
Insulation monitoring relays: Каталог SIRIUS 3UG
Level gauges: Каталог POINTEK, SITRANS
Load-break cutouts and disconnectors: Каталог SENTRON
Manual motor starters: Каталог SIRIUS 3RV
Manual relays: Каталог LZS, LZX
Modular equipment: Каталог MCB
Molded Case Circuit Breaker: Каталог 3VA, 3VL, 3VT
Sensors: Каталог SITRANS
Servomotors: Каталог SIMOTICS GP, SP, SIMOTICS S-1FL6
Signal converters: Каталог 3RS70
Surge suppressors: Каталог 5SD7
Transfer switches: Каталог LOGO!
Wireless solutions: Каталог SCALANCE W!

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