Schneider electric

Schneider Electric was founded in France in 1836. In its 2 centuries of existence, the company is on the front line of digital transformation in the areas of energy management and automation for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industry.

Global Electro supplies the entire line of Schneider Electric products: circuit breakers (Masterpact series, Compact), modular equipment (Acti9 series), relays (Zelio series), contactors (TeSys), manual motor starters (GV) and much more - offered at the best prices on the market.

Equipment series:

Schneider electric: Masterpact

Masterpact is a world-famous air circuit breaker for currents from 630 A to 6300 A. The main characteristics of these power devices are the possibility of rolling in and out, classical principles of selectivity of protection and ease of maintenance. In addition, new functions of data measurement and data transmission have been added. At the same time, the dimensions of the circuit breakers have decreased to the optimal ones.

Schneider electric: TeSys

TeSys — reversing or non-reversing contactors up to 450kW. They are one of the most striking achievements of Schneider Electric in recent years. A distinctive feature is the presence of control coils with a wide voltage range of the control circuit.

Schneider electric: Modicon

Modicon series is a wide range of processor and communication modules created to optimize your approach to process automation. High processor performance ensures optimal program cycle time, which allows you to significantly expand the communication functions of your system, namely diagnostics, memory flexibility, storage and processing.

Schneider electric: Acti9

Acti 9 — the new standard in the field of low-voltage systems of finite distribution. This equipment focuses on cutting-edge innovations based on Schneider Electric's over 40 years of experience. Acti 9 devices are suitable for all applications, especially in contaminated environments and networks, while ensuring absolute safety and increased continuity of operation for currents from 0.5 A to 100A

Schneider electric: Compact, EasyPact

Compact NSX is much more than just a circuit breaker. This is a measuring and communication device for solving energy efficiency problems, designed to meet the user's needs in optimization of energy consumption, increase the reliability of electricity supply and improve the management of the electrical installation. Range of the device is designed for currents from 40 A to 1600A

Schneider electric: INS, INV, FUPACT, ISFT

Compact INS / INV - a uniform series of circuit-breakers for currents from 40 A to 2500 A. This device is simple and suitable for almost all applications. A wide range of accessories allow the use of various installation systems.

Schneider electric: TeSys, GV

TeSys GV3 — Circuit-breakers with magnetic and combined release up to 30kW. Compact and easy-to-use, automatic switches of electric motors are classified according to the breaking capacity and the type of control. The control and protection of electric motors are carried out in accordance with the standards of IEC 947-2 and IEC 947-4-1

Schneider electric: Vigilohm

Vigilohm — a line of insulation control devices by Schneider Electric. It provides simple and reliable insulation control, communication and localization of breakdown for networks with isolated neutral (IT). This updated and simple solution enhances security for personnel, equipment and workflow continuity.

Schneider electric: Zelio Control, Zelio Time, Zelio Logic

These series of relays can meet any monitoring and process management needs. Their main advantages are the ease of installation and configuration, the speed of response, and the versatility and flexibility of application

Schneider electric: Zelio Relay

Zelio Reley is a series of compact devices designed to duplicate and expand functions in electrical installations. When used in standard systems, there is no need to adjust the device settings. The device allows easy integration into existing systems.

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