Today the German company Pepperl + Fuchs is known around the world as a pioneer and innovator in the field of explosion protection and sensor technology. The company always focuses on the individual needs of customers and the new needs of the industry. The desire for automation and the development of advanced technologies are supported and responded to by the industry.

In addition to explosion-proof equipment (barriers, converters, sluices and much more), Global Electro supplies various measuring products (sensors, level gauges, etc.) and wireless solutions from Pepperl + Fuchs

Equipment series:

Pepperl+Fuchs: Gateways, adapters, temperature converters

The WirelessHART technology by Pepperl + Fuchs offers an economical solution for data transmission over a distance. Thanks to the constant access to the indications of all measurements, the quality and profitability of the process equipment is enhanced. In networks based on WirelessHART technology, all devices are simultaneously the source and repeater of the signal. Due to the fact that individual signals are transmitted throughout the network, it becomes possible to create a broad network structure.

Pepperl+Fuchs: K-System, SC Series

Pepperl + Fuchs signal converters receive signals from various equipment, e.g. thermocouples and thermoresistance, and convert them into any of the standard equipment signals (1 ... 5 V, 4 ... 20 mA, etc.). Signal converters also provide accurate transmission of these signals, isolation and elimination of parasitic ground loops.

Pepperl+Fuchs: KT, DA5, DA6

Pepperl + Fuchs indicators are an excellent solution for the display, management and monitoring of analog signals. These modules with large LED displays and user-friendly controls are exceptionally easy to use.

Pepperl+Fuchs: LUC

Pepperl + Fuchs level meters are adapted to industrial level control systems. The operating parameters of Pepperl + Fuchs level sensors are programmed in a wide range, providing fine tuning of the automation system.

Pepperl+Fuchs: Non-contacting, photoelectric, ultrasound, industrial image processing, positioning, encoders, tilt, acceleration, connection

The range of Pepperl + Fuchs industrial sensors for the automation of production is characterized by a high degree of innovation. It includes inductive, photoelectric, capacitive, magnetic and ultrasonic sensors. There are also components such as encoders, positioning and identification systems (RFID, Data Matrix, barcodes), AS-interface devices, as well as suitable accessories for them. There are also industrial image processing systems and vision sensors close a wide range of products.

Pepperl+Fuchs: Signal line protection, power line protection, fieldbus protection, wireless solutions protection

Pepperl + Fuchs overvoltage protection modules reliably ground and protect people and equipment from possible negative consequences. We offer reliable overvoltage protection solutions for various applications; there is an option for mounting on a DIN rail, modules with screw fastening for remote devices, as well as snap-in modules for K system.

Pepperl+Fuchs: вывод, HART, ОПН, HMI, источники питания, монтажные приспособления, системы продувки, измерители уровня

Pepperl + Fuchs is one of the leading suppliers of automation equipment and is associated with safety in hazardous areas. The product range includes intrinsically safe isolators, Zener barriers, signal conditioners, field bus technology, remote I / O, HART interfaces, level measurement, purge and boost systems, HMI interfaces for hazardous environments, custom control cabinets and junction boxes.

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