Mucco equipment consists of high-quality signal towers, signal lamps, horns, electronic and motor sirens. The company also manufactures all types of LED and light signalling systems in accordance with the requirements of the client.

A deep understanding and expertise in the field of signalling equipment allows Mucco to develop and produce reliable (degree of protection - IP65-IP67) and cutting edge products made of the best materials. Mucco is a high-quality, yet a cost-effective solution tailored specifically for you.

Since 2018, we have become distributor of Mucco, which allows us to offer equipment available at the best prices in Russia. Contact us and you will get the best conditions for this reliable brand!

Equipment series:

Mucco: Industrial warning sirens

Mucco industrial warning sirens feature an extremely bright 5X3W POWER LED, an increased volume level of 125-133 dB, a robust metal housing and a durable anti-shock grating. The protection level is IP65 (against water, dust, heat and UV rays). Operating temperature range from + 50°C to -20°C. The product is covered by a 2 year warranty.

Каталог промышленные светосигнальные сирены

Mucco: Signal towers

These signal towers are available in 5 versions: from 1-layer to 5-layer interchangeable SMD LED modules. They have increased volume - 103-116 dB. Sound and light can be controlled separately. Degree of protection - IP65; from water, dust, heat and UV. Supplemented with 2 years of warranty.

Каталог светосигнальные колонны (1-3), Каталог светосигнальные колонны (4-5)

Mucco: Motor sirens

Reliable metal motor sirens by Mucco have a volume of up to 130 dB, power - up to 750 W, as well as a metal cast case.

Каталог моторные сирены

Mucco: Universal signal beacons

Mucco universal signal beacons have a bright 5X3W POWER LED, a protective anti-shock grid, 5 light modes and 10 different tunes. Signal volume - 85-110 dB, IP65 protection. There is a convenient adjustment of sound and light. Warranty on products - 2 years.

Каталог универсальные сигнальные маячки

Mucco: LED machine lights

Mucco is bright machine lights with a power of 9.5 W, illumination - 1300 Lx. It has a high degree of protection against water, dust, heat and UV rays - IP67. LED life is 100,000 hours. A 2 year warranty is also provided.

Каталог светодиодные станочные светильники


Indication and alarm equipment

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