MOXA was founded as an engineering company in 1987. Almost 30 years ago, MOXA, being a small company at the time, has become the largest international corporation providing industrial communication facilities to companies in over 60 countries of the world. MOXA became one of the best and most famous world names on the market of industrial communications offering various solutions for connecting industrial devices to each other.

Global Electro supplies the entire MOXA product line. Apart from the classical solutions (converters and commutators - NPort and EDS series), our customers also appreciate the equipment for marine applications (PLCs, industrial PCs, HMI operator panels - MC series, MPC, MD, ioPAC and ioLogik)

Equipment series:

MOXA: Converters and servers (NPort, IMC, WDM, PTC)

Industrial optical media converters are actively used all over the world for converting Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base TX standards to optical ones, transforming the transmission medium of the RS-232/422/485 serial signal into optical fiber; extending communication lines. Due to its functionality and wide range of products, MOXA converters allow integrating the full range of industrial equipment into fiber-optic networks and building high-performance automated systems on their basis, such as PLC / SCADA (in production), ITS (in transportation), and DCS (in power engineering).

MOXA: Industrial Ethernet Switches (EDS Series)

Industrial switches include more than 500 products: from gigabit industrial switches and rackmount models for operation at 3/2 level, to switches with PoE function and SFP ports. There is also a wide range of industrial Ethernet switches for DIN-rails, (Industrial Ethernet Switches). The equipment is actively used to automate production, in oil and gas industry, in rail and roads, in energy sector, in mining and offshore facilities.

MOXA: Industrial wireless clients (AWK-1137C, AWK-3131A, TAP-213)

Industrial access points Wi-Fi for public, rail and intercity transport are designed to organize a wireless network on board of a vehicle. These clients have vibration-protected connectors M12 as well as EN 50155 certification, ACC, RTG, and Turbo Roaming technologies. Wireless roaming controllers can provide switching time of 50 ms with encryption. Due to this, a stable connection is maintained during the movement of the client between the access points.

MOXA: ioPAC, ioLogik

Protected ioPAC controllers comply with the standards EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2 and EN 50121-4, which allows them to be used in conditions of increased vibration levels, as well as in the motor transport and railway industries. The fully modular design of the controller allows you to select the appropriate processor, type of Ethernet connectors, programming language, power supply and necessary I/O modules.


MOXA industrial PCs in protected design can work around the clock in harsh conditions. They have a high degree of protection against dust and moisture, they are resistant to vibrations and shocks, they can work in a wide range of temperatures. MOXA's displays are designed and certified for use in industrial facilities, marine vessels, oil and gas fields, as well as anywhere where an increased level of reliability and accurate color rendering are required. The most common options are the MC-7200, MPC-2120 and MPC-2240

MOXA: MD series

This series of panels for marine applications has a display with a high resolution (1280 x 1024) corresponding to ECDIS (projection capacitive touch screen) with increased brightness and with the ability to work in gloves. Protection class — IP22 (on the back side) and IP54 (on the front panel)

MOXA: SFP modules +

МОХА optical SFP-modules allow to transfer data over the distance of 120 km depending on type of an optical fiber and wave length. Support of WDM technology allows data to be transmitted over a single fiber at different wave lengths. MOXA SFP has versions with different transmission speeds, from 100 Megabit to 10 Gigabit modules with different types of fiber and transceiver capacities, which allows to select equipment for specific tasks, including for multi mode cable.

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