General Electric

GE was created in 1878, when Thomas Edison founded the Edison Electric Light Company.

Today GE has successfully connected the material world with the digital one. In scientific laboratories and in factories GE creates a new industrial era in order to provide the world with energy, transport, infrastructure and help to preserve people's health.

Due to maximally optimized logistics and working directly with production facilities, our team is ready to offer excellent prices and lead time for General Electric products.

Equipment series:

General Electric: CL, CK

The magnetic contactors CL are designed for rated currents from 9 to 105 A. The control coils are for voltage from 24 to 380 V AC.

General Electric: ElfaPlus, RedLine

ElfaPlus series represents the result of GE's innovative developments in the field of modular equipment. These MCBs have increased impact resistance and vibration resistance (are connected with ring lugs), operate in a wide temperature range (-40/+ 70 ° C), operate on alternating and direct current and have a low degree of smoke emission.

General Electric: EntelliGuard, M-Pact

EntelliGuard power circuit breakers have a breaking capacity of up to 150 kA and are designed for rated currents from 400 to 6400A. EntelliGuard circuit breakers are easy to install, compact in size and interchangeable with previous series. The EntelliGuard line includes 3-pole and 4-pole devices in three basic sizes. They are supplied in fixed and withdrawable versions.

General Electric: Fulos

Fulos load switches with fuses for current from 32 to 1250 A. They have independent opening and closing.

General Electric: GuardEon, Record Plus

Available in two sizes, GuardEon was designed with customers to meet a variety of applications from basic to advanced. Ranging from 8 A to 630 A and having 2, 3, and 4 pole versions, these circuit breakers meet the requirements of IEC, CCC, and CE allowing for a standardized global design.

General Electric: Surion, SFK

Surion series has a class 10 motor protection type. They have two versions in size: for rated currents from 1 to 32 A and for rated currents from 10 to 63 A, as well as two versions in functionality: with thermal and magnetic protection and only with magnetic protection.

General Electric: Dilos

Thanks to its compact design, the Dilos series of load breakers is easily mounted in switchgears on a standard DIN rail and is used as a main switch. Designed for rated current 160 A.

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