Endress + Hauser was founded in Germany in 1953, and currently headquartered in Switzerland. The company is a leading supplier of products, solutions and services for measuring and automating production processes, as well as data logging and digital communications in a wide spectrum of industries.

You can order the most accurate sensors and level gauges, reliable barriers and other products by Endress + Hauser from us. All you need to do is contact us by phone or e-mail; we will respond as soon as possible and provide optimal terms for the equipment

Equipment series:

Endress+Hauser: Deltapilot, Levelflex, Micropilot, Prosonic, Liguiphant, Soliphant, Nivotester

Endress + Hauser level gauges are characterized by their ease of commissioning and uninterrupted operation, which saves time and money. Suitable for use in various areas: from simple storage tanks and aggressive products to processes with extreme conditions.

Endress+Hauser: FXA, RMA, RN221, Commubox, ECOgraph, Memograph

Endress + Hauser barriers provide power to the converter (in an explosion-prone area if necessary) with the subsequent transmission of a galvanically isolated signal. The optional HART monitoring tool allows to monitor the status of the inverter. In the event of an error, the relay transmits an alarm; this allows to localize even short-term errors quickly and effectively.

Endress+Hauser: Liquiline, Liquisys, iTEMP

We offer digital multiparameter converters made by Endress + Hauser to control the processes in all areas. You can increase the number of modules according to your needs at any time. The 4-channel controller provides time and cost savings through efficient system integration, ease of management and a reduction in the number of spare parts.

Endress+Hauser: Memosens, ISEmax, Proline, Flowphant, iTHERM, Easytemp, Micropilot, Prosonic

Endress + Hauser sensors are characterized by high measurement accuracy as well as reliability and resistance to external environments. The working sensing element of the E+H pressure sensors is a ceramic diaphragm or metal membrane. Endress + Hauser temperature sensors are resistance thermometers and thermocouples with normalizing converters. Due to a wide variety of designs, it is always possible to select a sensor that is optimal for any task.

Endress+Hauser: RIA (14, 15, 16, 45, 46, 452); RID (14, 16)

Large displays of Endress + Hauser indicators provide convenience for reading values. Universal inputs allow to connect current, voltage, thermocouple and thermistor signals. The indicators with current loop power do not require a power supply connection, are universal and suitable for use in existing measuring circuits. Indicators with a connection to the digital bus support all trunk devices and are designed to output values transmitted via the bus.


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