Eaton is one of the leaders in energy management The company offers energy-efficient solutions for the safe and sustainable management of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical energy in a more rational, safe and environmentally-friendly way.

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Equipment series:

Eaton: Powerware 9130

Eaton Powerware uninterruptible power supply provides reliable protection of power supplies for servers, storage systems and other network and IT equipment. The UPS has an efficiency of more than 95% in the dual voltage conversion mode. When operating in high efficiency mode, the PW model achieves 98

Eaton: Terminals, covers, switching equipment

Eaton terminal blocks are designed to connect copper strips, buses, and other copper conductors. Conductors are easily and quickly installed without bending. The terminals are available in the form of a 1-pole, 3-pole, 4-pole or 5-pole terminal combination. Accessories, such as a transparent plastic cover, an additional terminal or conversion kits, allow the user to create their own terminal options.


Equipment for distribution devices

Other equipment

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