Bussmann is a series of Eaton products that offers a variety of solutions for protecting electrical networks.The company's solutions are suitable for worldwide use; they meet the requirements and international standards of IEC, VDE, DIN, UL, CSA, BS.

The company has developed more than 41,000 types of fuses for the industry, presenting solutions for the protection of electrical networks for a variety of applications: from engine protection and network equipment to the telecommunications and automotive sectors.

The area of the protection of electric grids has been well-developed by our company, and Bussmann products are in great demand among our customers

Equipment series:

Bussmann: Fast-acting fuse

There are more than 41 000 types of fuses up to 1000V and over 1000V in Bussmann product range, which allows the consumer to choose the equipment for the required current and voltage. All the fuses comply with international standards IEC, VDE, DIN, UL, CSA and BS.


Equipment for distribution devices

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