Beckhoff Automation GmbH is a manufacturer of equipment for industrial automation of various power classes. The company's headquarters is in Furl (Germany). Beckhoff offers both system solutions and individual components.The company's focus is on PC-compatible control equipment, industrial PCs, Embedded PCs, Bus Terminals, Drive Technology and Automation Software. In 2003 Beckhoff introduced unique EtherCAT technology designed to manage real-time systems over an Ethernet network.

Global Electro has been closely cooperating with the German branch of Beckhoff for several years. We can offer some of the best conditions on the market for the products of this brand.

Equipment series:


The controls and displays form an independent unit within CP panel series; the computer is in the control cabinet, but its location is easily accessible. The control panel has a flat shape with a large surface, but with a shallow depth. This concept gives the user greater freedom.


These series are great for solving management tasks in the average performance range. They cover a wide range of applications, given the price/performance ratio. The series is designed to solve problems that require computer compatibility and the properties of an industrial PC, but at a much lower price.


EtherCAT by BECKHOFF is an Ethernet solution for industry automation which is characterized by high performance and ease of use. The highest performance makes the concept of control accessible, which cannot be realized with the help of classical bus systems. With EtherCAT, the performance of communication systems is commensurate with the performance of modern industrial PCs.

BECKHOFF: Industrial PC

Beckhoff industrial PCs are particularly robust and reliable. An LCD-monitor (with active LCD-matrix), built-in keyboard, function buttons, switches, Touch Pad and other components of the control panel are integrated in one housing. The design of the cases is developed individually and optimally meets the requirements for control systems.

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