API Capacitors

API Capacitors (APIC) is a UK manufacturer, which is among the world leaders in the development and manufacturing of high-quality power capacitors for industrial applications . The company offers a variety of solutions for traction, industrial drives, air conditioning systems, aviation, as well as for medical, plasma and impulse energy systems.

Global Electro works closely with APIC and offers some of the best conditions for capacitors that are on the market.

Equipment series:

API Capacitors: Capacitors

API Capacitors design and manufacture a range of DC capacitors. Current, voltage, size, mass and terminations are matched to the customer’s requirement and applications. Long life and high reliability is achieved using ultra low defect density, high isotactic, metallised polypropylene dielectric film incorporating an extended working temperature range and controlled self-healing capability. Elements are wound on the latest precision edge controlled automatic winding machines. High conductivity copper is used for low resistance internal connections.


Other equipment

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