AG Neovo

AG Neovo is the world's leading provider of screens for professional applications and consumer market. AG Neovo was one of the first companies in the industry to open up new possibilities in the field of display devices. The company listens to the requests of system integrators and IT professionals and shapes the perception of monitors offering screens with characteristics significantly exceeding existing analogues.

Despite the great distance between the production of the company and Russia (especially the European part), the equipment of Neovo is delivered quickly and on time thanks to the established channels of supply through the efforts of our logistical department and customs declarants.

Equipment series:

AG Neovo: RX

AG Neovo RX-Series displays bring security and surveillance to another level in Full HD resolution widescreen. NeoV Optical Glass panel protection and metal casing for mounting durability make the RX-Series perfect for both control centres or public environments. With Anti-Burn-in technology, and automatic video settings recovery, maintenance is easier and faster.


Automation and control systems

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