ABB is among the world's technology leaders in electrical equipment, robotics and motion systems, industrial automation and electrical networks. The company focuses its production on the fields of electricity, industry, transport and infrastructure. ABB has been creating the future of industrial digitalization for over 40 years.

Global Electro offers excellent terms for ABB products. Our customers particularly value automatic switches (Tmax, Tmax-XT), modular equipment (S200 series, S800), as well as contactors (AF series).

Equipment series:

ABB: Emax

Emax — a series of circuit breakers with a body of sheet steel, which are extremely compact. Thanks to the double insulation of conductive parts and complete separation between phases, increased safety is achieved. The depth of the withdrawable circuit breaker allows it to be installed in switchboards with a depth of 500 mm

ABB: AC500, AC500-eCo

AC500 is a flexible and scalable PLC with wide communication capabilities. Memory programs — from 128 KB to 4 MB; there are up to 4 communication modules; 4GB Flash drive for PM592. Also there is an economical PLC AC500-eCo — an effective solution of basic automation tasks.


AF contactors set a new industry standard. Electronically controlled coils offer numerous advantages over traditional solutions. Reduction of power consumption of coil by 80% allows to save much electricity. It functions normally at power surges due to the use of AF technology.


The electrical characteristics of ABB reversing switches allow switching between two power sources, even with currents with a high inductive component and starting currents of the motors (AC-23A) .The switching can be done manually or automatically with the help of a motor drive.


The presented series have wide functionality: compact size and economy (CP), quality and efficiency (CT) and reliability and versatility (CM). The presented relays proved to be the best in operation in various spheres and demonstrated their effectiveness in application even in the most difficult operating conditions.


The CM-IW control relays can be used to measure the insulation resistance in an ungrounded power supply with voltages up to 690 V AC and 1000 V DC. Using the new principle of prognostic measurements, the measurement and response time is significantly reduced. Rated supply voltage is 24-240 V AC/DC


CR — simple, affordable and convenient intermediate relays that are suitable for all tasks. They consist of separate interchangeable parts: the relay itself, the pads and the retainer; can be easily installed on a DIN rail.

ABB: EasyLine, InLine

EasyLine Equipment meets the most stringent requirements for modern feeders, which are based on the concept of complete safety. These load switches have been tested in accordance with the IEC 60947-3 standard. The series is easy to use and easy to install.


MS and MO series have electromagnetic and adjustable thermal release, which allows to have short-circuit protection, overload protection, and indirect protection of the motor from phase failure. The breaking capacity at short circuit is up to 50 kA

ABB: S200, S800

S200 and S800 — powerful modular circuit-breakers for industrial applications. They have high breaking capacity, and at the same time compact dimensions.

ABB: Smart Touch

Up to 480 ABB i-bus KNX control functions can be displayed on the ABB Smart Touch panel. There is a built-in thermostat, there are logical and time functions. The panel is not supplied with 220V voltage, power is supplied via the KNX bus and via the ABB Welcome or Busch Welcome intercom system. If the intercom system is not provided for in the project, the panel is connected to the KNX bus and to a 24 VDC power supply

ABB: Tmax, Tmax XT

Tmax — a series represented by a full range of circuit breakers in molded cases up to 1600 A. All circuit breakers (three-pole and four-pole) are available in a stationary version; circuit breakers T2, T3, T4 and T5 are also available in plug-in design, and switches T4, T5, T6 and T7 are also withdrawable.

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